Managing for Development Result

The focal points of Managing for Development Results (MfDR) are: Evidence-based decision making in the pursuit of human development Performance and achievement of outcomes and long-term impacts

Partner countries, multilateral development banks, bilateral donors, civil society and other stakeholders co-operate and learn about results-based public sector management and policies. Donors and partners commit to knowledge sharing and collectively achieving results, they cooperate to learn about practical tools for planning, risk management and monitoring and evaluation.

The Global Partnership on Managing for Development Results supports the work of partner countries and donor agencies to implement results-based approaches. It focuses on country capacity to build up results systems, guidelines for agency effectiveness and mutual accountability frameworks. Regional MfDR Communities of Practice serve as platforms for knowledge  exchange  and  capacity development.  Thanks  to  the  community’s  knowledge exchange activities, concepts have been widely disseminated and brought into the mainstream. Therefore, the training offered by Fagna Consultants in this regard takes practitioners one step further in demonstrating ways to develop effective strategies at the country level.