Organizational Strengthening

Organizational strengthening is a process by which groups fine tune – and in some cases transform – their internal organizational structures in order to ensure effectiveness and success. 

These services are conducted with non-profits, public agencies and businesses among others. Discovering the need for organizational strengthening comes from either a strategic planning process; an internal assessment recognizing internal weaknesses that hinder effectiveness at the governance and decision making level, the management level, or staff level; the eminent need to restructure in order to move forward; new leadership; and several other related ways. Strategic Management Consulting offers the following three services relative to organizational strengthening and development: 

Fine-tuning the governance operations and structure 

Strategic Management Consulting helps fine-tune the operations of the decision making body in groups by working through several strategies. These include, but are not limited to: 

These are then reflected as documents and included in a manual so that all of the members have the same information, and are held accountable for fulfilling their roles. 

Recreating legal structures when necessary: Strategic Management Consulting assists groups in finding, creating, developing the best legal and operating structure so that the group can accomplish its mission and results more effectively. Strategic Management Consulting follows the notion that “Form Follows Function”, i.e. first determine the function of the group, then determine the right form. That way, innovative structures can be explored and implemented, while still complying with legal and fiduciary boundaries. Examples of such collaborations include strategic alliances, coalitions, and others.  

Internal organizational and managemen: Coaching Working with staff is important to help the day-to-day operations of the organization, whether it is a public agency, non-profit, business or other group. Strategic Management Consulting works with staff in four specific ways: 

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