Who Are We

FAGNA Training and Consultants Limited is an indigenous human resource development and training organization which is incorporated in Nigeria (RC 936696) and in the State of Missouri in the United States of America (LC001535648).

We have a proud tradition of excellence in skills enhancement and capacity development training. Thus, in the last eight years, we have helped individuals and organizations set focus to attain a competitive edge in dealing with the dynamics of day-to-day operational challenges. We design cutting edge training and tailor-made capacity development programmes to match the many needs of our clients.

In today’s global and competitive operational environment, we deploy our unique experience working with various national and international development partners to keep our clients abreast of 21st century development dynamics, by bridging skills deficit while also augmenting capacity gaps necessary for optimal performance.

At FAGNA Training & Consultants, we are always at your service.

What We Do

We are a one-stop strategic solution hub, designing and offering situation specific programmes to keep individuals and organizations proactively ahead in their areas of specialization.

Our modules are designed in such ways to equip individuals with requisite skills that enable them to adjust instantaneously to the unpredictable nature of the work environment.

We enter into partnership with organizations to design bespoke applications aimed at normalizing specific organizational situations

What We Provide

.CONSULTANCY: Facilitating change…

FACILITATION AND COACHING: Facilitating events and on-the-job coaching…

TAILOR-MADE TRAINING COURSES: Training suited to your specific needs…

OPEN  ENTRY  COURSES:  Trainings  on  management  for  development  organized  by FAGNA.


FAGNA Training & Consultants offer open international courses for interested and qualified participants. The courses are offered in Europe, Africa and the Middle East